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Online PR

Trust, loyal customers, strong brand

Identify the views and needs of their customers, build a relationship with the public and the media.

Today's phenomenon is internet and online media. Online offers thanks to its interactivity very interesting tool to work with the target group and also allows immediate evaluation of the effectiveness even in the field of Public Relations. Your company website is no longer enough, you should go to your customers and catch their attention. Your customers can immediately find the information they are looking for, form their opinion and make a decision.

Creative PR concepts of the projects have substantial appeal, mainly due to the videos, social networks, discussions that can not be omitted from the strategy.

Online PR steps:

  • PR and marketing strategy for online communication
  • Preparation of appropriate tools
  • Monitoring of online media and social networks
  • Preparation of strategy for social networks (not only in the Czech Republic) – to create an active community
  • Forums, blogs, contests, creating community clubs
  • Relations with online media
  • Online reputation management
  • If necessary, a script ready for crisis communication
  • Videos and viral spots
  • We create online leads

By building a good reputation and image is the basis of your PR activities. Anybody who is trying to find an information, check the facts and experiences of others, ensure his decision is right, will focus on the internet . It's up to you what information about yourself you give to the customer. Good experiences of your clients are the most important for you and they should be your first priority to show them. Negative reactions on the internet may actually very hurt you and even more if they are serious, remain unanswered and are easy to find. Repairing the damage and restoring the trust in people, if for some reason there is a damage to the name or reputation, is very time consuming and costly matter. It is always good to prevent these consequences .

Product and Corporate Communication

We will make the media love your product and we will get your brand among people.

Event Communication

Let your customers get to know your human side, meet with them in person.

Crisis Communication

We will protect your reputation and sales, we can handle the most critical situations.

Media Monitoring

We monitor and evaluate everything you are interested in. Analytical and graphical process is tailored to your needs.

Media Training

Do not worry about the camera! We will teach you to communicate with the media, what to say, when to say it, how, what to avoid and how

Online PR

Internet communication strategy – discussions, blogs, social networks, online media, reputation management

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