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PR Trends 2014

Communication has accelerated, the market and the behavior of its participants has changed. Get control of your brand.

Think more strategically about what and how to communicate. Your target is proactivity. Follow the action in real time, anticipate and be prepared to respond.

Open up to new communication channels

Do not react to changes, proactively create your own opportunities.

Small and medium-sized companies began nowadays to realize the importance of PR communication. They understood the importance of support in law or finance, but marketing and especially PR was usually an item which was left out of budgets in the first place. Performance marketing models receive priority over non-measurable output of Public Relations. With the start of new media, the situation quickly turned. 

Individual parts of communication and overall marketing activities cannot be in any case addressed separately. The whole concept must be consistent with other activities of the company – especially corporate activities and sales. Strategies need to comprehensively promote used instruments and benefit from the synergies of the individual channels. So where is PR going in 2014?


Online PR

Online platform is a necessity and must be integrated into today's communication campaigns. The big advantage is that it effaces the issue of measurability of PR. Online PR minimized it. Key indicators and effect evaluation becomes a real measure of the campaign. Great tool is the accurate targeting. Almost every form of online PR enables to target the communications accurately to specific target group and re-analyze its intervention.

Visual form of communication

Nobody has time to read long texts without anything interesting at first glance. We choose what we are interested in by our eyes. Everything should be replaced or supported by a visual presentation of data, whether in the form of images, infographics or videos. Any communication should now include visualization of the information.

Social media

Time implies the need to make better use of communication channels especially social media. Share news, videos, links through social media, build community and its influence, measure the reach of your communication. Exclusive offers for specific fan base work great. Put emphasis on the human side in relation to your marketing and business strategy, as locally as possible. The emotional side and the story will present your information more efficiently. Do not be passive, dialogue is what counts! Pamper your fans and they will do the marketing and business for you .

Respond to the media through social networks as well. Connect the information properly to your website. We recommend communication in the form of co-authorship. Partly leave the communication to the internal customer, sales and marketing department, but at the same time let an expert who knows the environment take over the platforms. He will be able to analyze all outcomes and he will know exactly how to communicate your message.

Campaign evaluation

Report your activities is already a dead issue. Communication has accelerated so fast. You need day-to-day media monitoring and ability to respond to them in real time. List of published artlicle stopped being enough for most of clients. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation analysis, meaningful methods of key indicators measurements, data interpretation and suggestions of solutions based on the current situation. To determine the individual steps of the strategy you need market and competition surveys, knowledge of all possible people behavior, not only in social networks.

How do you feel about the current situation and functioning of PR agencies? We welcome your comments.

Product and Corporate Communication

We will make the media love your product and we will get your brand among people.

Event Communication

Let your customers get to know your human side, meet with them in person.

Crisis Communication

We will protect your reputation and sales, we can handle the most critical situations.

Media Monitoring

We monitor and evaluate everything you are interested in. Analytical and graphical process is tailored to your needs.

Media Training

Do not worry about the camera! We will teach you to communicate with the media, what to say, when to say it, how, what to avoid and how

Online PR

Internet communication strategy – discussions, blogs, social networks, online media, reputation management

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