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Increase efficiency of PR by using SEO

How does connecting these seemingly different activities work and why to do so?

Consumer behavior is changing and marketing activities must proactively respond.

How to achieve greater brand visibility and how to work with online PR

Why you should not separate these activities among various agencies.

Users do not directly realize where exactly they are on internet and how they got the information they searched for. When they start searching in a browser and end up on a social network site, blog, website or elsewhere, it is no longer important if they found what they were looking for. This is also true for journalists. Search engines are designed to provide relevant answers to your questions. Therefore companies should respond to queries and thematic search terms of their customers and the media. And therein lies the entire mystery.


Every marketer and PR manager should now have an overview of SEO, user friendly website parameters, social media and basic SEO requirements. The content that has value for both PR and search engines can create only very experienced account. The most important is always usability level for the users themselves and subsequently to search engines.

The publication of information in relevant easy to find media or only to your corporate website's blog that is well optimized is not all there is to it. The work does not end there. You definitelz need the power of social media and good quality organic links leading to your content. Promote your content to share it and comment the topics that you post. Build a community that will want to come back to find your posts. You will get loyalty to the brand and increase credibility with new customers.

Public relations agencies should now automatically include social networking, SEO (within the PR market analyzes they should also have an analysis of keyword, search frequency, conversions, competition within search engines and other) and other online tools (Google authorship , Online Reputation Management, remarketing , newsletters , etc.) in their strategies. In case you work only with PR activities, you miss out on important effect of performance and measurability of online marketing. If every part is done by someone else, you miss synergies among the activities.

PR is not about copywriting, writing a text and its distribution to the list of contacts that you have on the media. We must emphasize that. Do not confuse SEO articles with PR articles as current market and online agencies like to twist around. PR is just for the necessity of large knowledge in many areas of any manager highly sophisticated work requiring many years of experience. The role of PR is different from online tools , but currently it is these tools that allow you to multiply the effect of PR.

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