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Increase efficiency of PR by using SEO

Increase efficiency of PR by using SEO

01.11.2013 10:11

How does connecting these seemingly different activities work and why to do so?

Consumer behavior is changing and marketing activities must proactively respond.

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PR Trends 2014

PR Trends 2014

01.11.2013 11:11

Communication has accelerated, the market and the behavior of its participants has changed. Get control of your brand.

Think more strategically about what and how to communicate. Your target is proactivity. Follow the action in real time, anticipate and be prepared to respond.

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Product and Corporate Communication

We will make the media love your product and we will get your brand among people.

Event Communication

Let your customers get to know your human side, meet with them in person.

Crisis Communication

We will protect your reputation and sales, we can handle the most critical situations.

Media Monitoring

We monitor and evaluate everything you are interested in. Analytical and graphical process is tailored to your needs.

Media Training

Do not worry about the camera! We will teach you to communicate with the media, what to say, when to say it, how, what to avoid and how

Online PR

Internet communication strategy – discussions, blogs, social networks, online media, reputation management

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